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Potatoes make you fat!

In Opinion Pieces on July 25, 2011 at 9:46 pm

There’s been much written about diets, fad ways to lose weight and the eternal quest for that golden bullet to keep you slim.


I used to be much heavier than I am now and i lost weight and toned up by following five key things:


1. Vanity meant that I WANTED to do something about my weight

2. I THOUGHT about what I ate – looking at calorific and nutritional value, not just what things looked like! (Observing that maxim “a moment on the lips is worth a lifetime on the hips!” ie was it WORTH eating whatever it was? Did the enjoyment of eating it far outweigh the sweat of burning it off again?)

3. I STOPPED  fizzy sweetened drinks and switched to water (why would I want to drink pure sugar?)

4. I STARTED to  exercise

5. I STOPPED eating carbohydrate in the evening. So my evening meal became protein (chicken, fish etc) and vegetables. ie no potatoes


And it would seem Harvard University can back this up, having studied more than 120,000 people over 20 years. It has compiled a league table of foods that will cause you to pile on the pounds! No surprise then to discover that chips and crisps come top followed by those disgusting sugary fizzy drinks then potatoes (boiled, baked or mashed)

But most importantly, it seems the key to keeping slim is

NOT to cut the number of calories BUT to eat the RIGHT TYPE of calories.

It reports

“starchy foods, those containing redfined carbohydrates and processed foods were most associated with weight gain, but eating cheese or drinking full-fat milk didn’t seem to have an impact.” (it was postulated that these higher fat foods take longer to break down and therefore kept people fuller for longer stopping further snacking). “Vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole grains and yoghurt were associated with losing weight.”


Take home message.

Cut out the spuds and processed foods especially at night. Increase fruit and Veg. Enjoy looking in the mirror!

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