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Sugar Dome blasts off on Food Network

In Opinion Pieces on November 24, 2012 at 6:08 pm


So after what seems like an eternity to me… Sugar Dome blasts off tomorrow on US TV.

The season premiere airs at 8pm ET and 5pm PT on the Food Network.

It took just five weeks to shoot thirteen one hour episodes. It produced the most extraordinary scenes –  excitement, tears, emotion and hard work.

But as they say “the proof is in the pudding!” The result of those endeavours will be revealed tomorrow.

So what’s the show about?

Essentially I play a caricature of myself. I am a strict, no-nonsense, British host. I am direct, honest but not rude.

I actually feel I am the love-child of Ann Robinson and Simon Cowell ! (now there’s a thought!)

Each week, there is a diiferent theme.  Three teams comprised of a cake artist, a sugar artist and then an artist from a completely different discipline related to the subject, (eg a pyrotechnician, theatrical costumier, graphic designer) have six hours to create astonishing food art. They are competing for 15,000 dollars and the title of Sugar Dome champion!

But all is not what it seems. Along the way, I throw various spanners in the works. There are three twists which they know nothing about. They soon learn that when a twist is to announced, there is a blackout followed by my arrival. There is an audible groan as I completely change the ground rules. Well after all, they are meant to be the best in their profession, so they need to be tested!

The results are sensational. This has never been seen before! This show makes other cookery competiton shows look like a walk in the park!

I learnt very quickly that cake is heavy and gravity is a force to be reckoned with! The six hours produces genius but it also produces huge waves of differing emotions for the contestants.

But this isn’t just about food. It’s about leadership, teamwork, working under pressure and excelling.

Only the best will walk away with the prize. The others must leave the sugar dome with nothing.

I warned you I’m tough. The show is tough. And the contestants have to be tough to win.

Sugar Dome airs on Food Network Sunday 25th November at 8pm ET and 5pm PT

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