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Sugar Dome

In Opinion Pieces on January 28, 2013 at 5:08 pm


So we are now half way through the first season of Sugar Dome here in the US. Excitingly the series is about to start transmitting in Canada and I know the UK is to follow suit later this year.

For those of you who have no idea what it is about, it’s a cut-throat culinary competition.

Every week three teams battle it out for six hours to claim the title of Sugar Dome Champion and 15,000 US Dollars. Not bad for a day’s work.

Each week the teams are comprised of a cake artist, a sugar artist and then an artist from a different artistic specialty. One week it may be pyrotechnicians, the next theatrical costumiers or grafiti artists.

It’s much more than a food show. It’s a show about teamwork, creativity, artistry, working under pressure and coping with stress.

At the beginning of the show, the teams are told what the theme is. They have six hours to create a masterpiece (which has to be edible) on that theme. And off they go.

What they don’t know is that in the six hours, three twists will be thrown at them unexpectedly. They can either rise to the challenge and adapt. Or fail and get destroyed.

And yes I am the host. I’m not my usual lovely self but a no-nonsense, almost harsh, and definitely theatrical ringmaster.

I’m the love-child of Ann Robinson (from the weakest link and Simon Cowell)…..

Seeing is believing.  And so if you haven’t seen…. here’s a taster of just how nasty I am…..

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